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Differences Should Not Lead to Separation Prof. Dr. Ali Yasar Saribay 12910
Gülen is a Contemporary Scholar-Intellectual Hakan Yavuz 13083
Twenty-First Century Utopia and the Dervish Tradition Nevval Sevindi 16245
A Musical Composition, Not an Analysis Prof. Dr. Nur Vergin 12877
A Deep Knowledge of Religion, a Rich Philosophy Bulent Ecevit 14685
A Dream Rising on Our Horizon Ayse Sasa 15403
Modernity Made Meaningful by Conservatism Prof. Nilufer Gole 14486
An Exceptional Place of Integrating Intelligence Prof. Serif Mardin 14694
A Criterion Viewing the World from Turkey Prof. Nabi Avci 14891
A Will That Can Solve Problems Prof. Toktamis Ates 14409
Fethullah Hodja's Profile Ali Bulac 14485
Religion and Politics Sahin Alpay, Milliyet 14066
Respect for Hodjaefendi Sahin Alpay, Milliyet 14460
Fethullah Gülen's Dinner Table Sahin Alpay, Milliyet 14044
Listening to Hodjaefendi Ali Unal 14892
Fethullah Hodja and Politics Ali Bayramoglu, Yeni Yuzyil 14713
Followers of Fethullah Gülen Ali Bayramoglu, Yeni Yuzyil 14611
Fethullah Hodja and His Community Ali Bayramoglu, Yeni Yuzyil 14073
A Religious Scholar Under the Name of Fethullah Gülen Cenk Koray, Aksam 14000
The Person Sought by Fethullah Hodja Arslan Bulut, Aksam 14476
Applause to Gülen From the Heart Jefi Kamhi 14432
An Analysis of Ecevit's View on Gülen Tankut Tarcan 15247
A New Phase Gungor Mengi, Sabah 14104
Understanding Hodjaefendi Ahmet Selim, Zaman 15046
Listening to Hodjaefendi Ali Unal, Zaman 13102