The Statue of Our Souls

The Statue of Our SoulsGülen's vision for the future is an inspiring hope, where peace and justice are maintained in the world. This is a promise in the divine revelation for the "righteous," who are expected to be the driving force in reaching this goal. Attaining this rank, however, requires that they be ordained with certain qualifications and virtues as once manifested to the highest degree in Islamic civilization. In this book, Gülen reminds us of these virtues and shows the path that those lofty souls have followed in the past, leaving behind exceptional models.

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The Hero of Thought and Action Fethullah Gülen 15751
The World Awaited Fethullah Gülen 15790
The Devout: The Architect of Our Souls Fethullah Gülen 15258
The Consciousness of Responsibility Fethullah Gülen 14237
From chaos to order - I Fethullah Gülen 14152
From chaos to order - II Fethullah Gülen 14477
The major cause of our people Fethullah Gülen 14972
Ideal Generations Fethullah Gülen 15851
Determinism in History Fethullah Gülen 16249
Our Philosophy of Life Fethullah Gülen 16977