Essentials of the Islamic Faith

Essentials of the Islamic FaithEssentials of the Islamic Faith is a selection from some of the speeches M. Fethullah Gülen has given to large audiences over a life-time of dedicated service. In these speeches, he explains the principal elements of Islamic belief - belief in the existence and Unity of God; in Resurrection and the Day of Judgment; in Divine Scriptures and other familiar themes of Islamic discourse. What is special and unique about the presentation of them in this book is that the author is constantly aware of the encroachment (and the seductive appeal) of cultural attitudes which are hostile not to Islam only but to any religious and contemplative way of life.

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All Traditional Arguments For God's Existence Fethullah Gülen 14957
The Existence and Unity of God Fethullah Gülen 14095
False Arguments About the Origin of Existence Fethullah Gülen 14451
Arguments For The Existence of Invisible Beings Fethullah Gülen 13638
The Spirit and Its Identity Fethullah Gülen 13163
Supernormal Phenomena Fethullah Gülen 13294
Dreams Fethullah Gülen 12432
Death and The Spirit After Death Fethullah Gülen 13355
The Spirit In The Intermediate World Fethullah Gülen 13272
Angels and Their Functions Fethullah Gülen 14352