The Messenger of God: Muhammad

The Messenger of God: MuhammadThe Life of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, has been a topic for many books and studies. Gülen's approach to the life of Rasulullah, "the pride of humanity." is not cronical biography. It differs from other books on the Prophet in the sense that Gülen assumes a psychological and sociological analysis on the various aspects of the Prophet's life portraying him as a compassionate father, a profound spiritual leader, a wise statemen, a courageous commander, a loving husband, a most reliable and trustworthy person.

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The Dark Period of Ignorance Fethullah Gülen 14139
The Prophet's Life Before His Prophethood Fethullah Gülen 15290
The Torah and the Psalms Fethullah Gülen 13708
To Illuminate Humanity's Way Fethullah Gülen 12419
Total Dependence on Revelation and Submission To God Fethullah Gülen 12414
Truthfulness Fethullah Gülen 15081
The Prophet and His Wives Fethullah Gülen 13165
No Bodily or Mental Defects Fethullah Gülen 11952
God's Messenger and Children Fethullah Gülen 12404
The Gospels Fethullah Gülen 13043