Endeavor for Renewal

La Estatua de Nuestras AlmasTrue renewal is realized by retaining the purity of the seed and the root, and by synthesizing an entire inheritance of values with new thoughts and wisdom appropriate to the age. A thorough revival can only be realized with the efforts of the spirit, intellect, feelings, and willpower working in concert. Utilizing the spirit’s power to the fullest, making flawless use of the knowledge inherited from the past, being constantly open to spiritual breezes of inspiration, not being trapped by blind imitation, and always following a sound methodology are some dynamics of an ideal renewal. The vigorous souls with steel willpower must keep running on the path of serving humanity with an insatiable love for research, an ever-evolving passion for knowledge of God, and an otherworldly profundity beyond comprehension. This book conveys the feelings and thoughts of a person who has dedicated his life for the coming of such a generation and who suffers, in heart and mind, for this noble ideal.

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Preface Tughra Books 1403
Religiousness and religious sensitivity Fethullah Gülen 1875
Those who migrate for noble ideals and the chivalrous souls that welcome them Fethullah Gülen 1543
Measures against polluted minds Fethullah Gülen 1686
A common disease and possible cures Fethullah Gülen 1977
A major sin: Ghulul (defrauding) Fethullah Gülen 1993
Working hours of the devoted souls Fethullah Gülen 1688
Sacrifice: A Means of closeness with God and people Fethullah Gülen 1794
Sacred values and wakeful eyes Fethullah Gülen 1828
Functions of the mosque Fethullah Gülen 1552
The relentless enemy of the devoted souls: Satan Fethullah Gülen 1611
Love of knowledge and research Fethullah Gülen 1923
Getting to see important responsibilities as mundane tasks and the Qur’anic method of tasrif (renewal of format) Fethullah Gülen 1373
The purpose of life Fethullah Gülen 2722
Heroes of the heart and spirit Fethullah Gülen 1675
The sultan of hearts Fethullah Gülen 1663
The perfect guide in every area of life Fethullah Gülen 1581
Steering securely Fethullah Gülen 1449
Philosophy of Siyar and the Peace Treaty of Hudaybiya Fethullah Gülen 1459
Underground riches and responsibilities that befall on believers Fethullah Gülen 1830
The elixir to eliminate heedlessness: Remembrance Fethullah Gülen 1650
Types of heedlessness that impede serving faith Fethullah Gülen 1737
Keeping up the ideal state in the face of social changes Fethullah Gülen 1469
Gentleness and elegance in interpersonal relations Fethullah Gülen 1901
Invitation for divine providence Fethullah Gülen 1542