Alternative Perspectives of the Gülen Movement

Fethullah Gülen

A conference entitled "Islam in the Age of Global Challenges: Alternative Perspectives of the Gulen Movement" has been held on November 14-15, 2008 at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. Below are the full texts of the conference papers. Adobe's pdf versions of the papers as a whole can be found at conference web site.

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Title Author
"The Significance of the Fethullah Gülen Movement as a Global Educational and Inter-Religious Model of Social and Religious Change" Ian G. Williams
Interfaith Dialogue Organizations as Actors of Peace Building: Case of Rumi Forum Abstract Zeynep Şahin
Hizmet: From Futuwwa Tradition to the Emergence of Movement in Public Space Erkan Togoslu
Religious Freedom in the Baptist Vision and in Fethullah Gülen: Resources for Muslims and Christians Paul Weller
From Gandhi to Gülen: The Habitus of Non-Agressive Action Mustafa Gurbuz & Bandana Purkayastha
The Context of the Gülen Movement: The Exceptional Story of Turkish Islam Mustafa Akyol
Dying for a Cause: Youth, Violence and the Gülen Movement─Beyond Tolerance and Dialogue Jon Pahl, Ph.D.
A Strategy for Peace: Gülen and the Islamic Conceptualization of Tolerance Aaron Tyler
A Contextual Analysis of the Supporters and Critics of the Gülen Movement Loye Ashton, Tamer Balci
The Driver in the Mind of Fethullah Gülen John Haughey, S.J.