Peaceful Coexistence

Fethullah Gülen

A conference entitled "International Conference on Peaceful Coexistence: Fethullah Gülen's Initiatives for Peace in the Contemporary World" was held at Erasmus University of Rotterdam on 22-23 November 2007. Below are full texts of the conference papers. A .pdf version of the papers as a whole can be found at conference web site.

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Title Author Hits
Now More Than Ever: Making Non-violent Change in a Globalised World T. Steve Wright 9377
Dialogical and Transformative Resources: Perspectives From Fethullah Gülen on Religion and Public Life Paul Weller 9597
The Vision of Education within Pluralistic Societies in the Thought of Gülen: The Contribution of Non-Denominational Education Towards Inter-Religious and Communal Understanding, Peace and Identity. A Study of Contrasts in the UK, Turkey and the USA Ian G. Williams 7242
Investigating the Contribution of Fethullah Gülen Through the Activities of a Gülen-Inspired Religio-Cultural Society Based in Ireland Jonathan Lacey 8507
From 'New Man' to 'World Citizen': The Replication of Fethullah Gülen's Renewal Vision in the Dutch Context Tineke Peppinck 11445
Harmonic Learning: The Congruent Education Models of Fethullah Gülen and James Moffett Tom Gage 10870
Promoting Human Rights Values in the Muslim World: Towards an Inclusive Civilization in Gülen's Thought and Practice Özcan Keles 10428
A Communitarian Imperative: Fethullah Gülen's Modern Turkey as a Model Mark Schee 10041
Searching for a New Unity of Thought Among People of Different Religious Affiliations: Voices from Central Europe Gabriel Piricki 10732
Gülen's Paradigm on Peaceful Coexistence: Theoretical Insights and Some Practical Perspectives Gürkan Çelik, Kate Kirk, Yusuf Alan 10204
Resemblance of Fethullah Gülen's Ideas and Current Political Developments in Uzbekistan Victoria Levinskaya 10681
New Religious Sociabilities in Euro-Islam: The Organizational Logics and Recognition Politics of Gülen Movement in France and Germany Emre Demir 10947
Peaceful Muslim–Non-Muslim Co-existence in a Secular Context Farhod Alimuhamedov 11146
Introduction to the Published Book by Dutch Former Prime Minister A.A.M. van Agt 9813