The Fethullah Gülen Movement-I

Fethullah GülenA international conference entitled "Islam in the Contemporary World: The Fethullah Gülen Movement in Thought and Practice" was held at The Boniuk Center for the Study and Advancement of Religious Tolerance at Rice University of Houston on 12-13 November 2005. Below are full texts of the conference papers.

A .pdf version of the papers as a whole can be found at conference web site.


The Boniuk Center for the Study and Advancement of Religious Tolerance at Rice University, the A. D. Bruce Religion Center University of Houston and the Institute of Interfaith Dialog, Texas, are sponsoring a conference on the activities of Fethullah Gülen and contributions to interfaith dialogue, tolerance, and education.

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Defending Religious Diversity and Tolerance in America Today: Lessons from Fethullah Gülen Loye Ashton 16531
The Philosophy of Islamic Education: Classical Views and M. Fethullah Gülen's Perspectives Asma Afsaruddin 21511
Discursive and Organizational Strategies of the Gülen Movement Bekim Agai 30378
Fethullah Gülen: A vision of transcendent education Charles Nelson 43665
Mobilization and Countermobilization: The Gülen Movement in Turkey Muhammed Cetin 18008
Understandings of "Community" within the Gülen Movement Marcia Hermansen 32998
The Women's Side of the Coin: The Gülen Movement in America, a New Turkish American Community Taking Root Maria F. Curtis 15647
"Religions, Globalisation and Dialogue in the 21st Century. Fethullah Gülen and Arnold J. Toynbee: A Comparative Conversation with Contemporary Realities" Paul Weller 14643
Fethullah Gülen's Contribution to Muslim-Christian Dialogue in the Context of Abrahamic Cooperation Pim Valkenberg 17729
A Movement of Volunteers Dr. Serif Ali Tekalan 14929
Gülen and Ghazzali on Tolerance Jane B. Schlubach 26170
Organizing the Organization, Educating the Educators: An Examination of Fethullah Gülen's Teaching and the Membership of the Movement Ruth Woodhall 11386
Progressive Islamic Thought, Civil Society and the Gülen Movement in the National Context: Parallels with Indonesia Dr. Greg Barton 27554
An Absent Influence? The Gülen Movement in Turkish-Islam and Its Influence on Global Education and Inter-Religious Dialogue Dr. Ian G.Williams 15015
Gülen and Sufism Mustafa Gokcek 13879