Fethullah Gülen and the Gülen Movement in 100 questions

Fethullah Gülen and the Gülen Movement in 100 questionsThe Gülen Movement was born at a time when a rapid social change was taking place in Turkey. However, at the same time a parallel movement was taking place in the world: emergence of political Islam or politization of Islam, in response of globalization. What was transpiring in Turkey at the time? As rapid urbanization, class differentiation, and cultural shifts from village and small towns were flocking to the cities, alternative frames of reference were needed. A balance had to be struck between the traditional values that people were socialized in and modern values; these new behavioral patterns would help them to navigate through the challenges of modern city life.

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In the beginning, the movement was sustained by private contributions. What are the financial resources of the movement today and how is the global network of activities now maintained? Doğu Ergil 766
Has the Gülen Movement ever received any support from Muslim countries or Islamic organizations? Does it currently receive any such support? Doğu Ergil 1053
Why are official circles so concerned with the Gülen Movement’s outside connections? Doğu Ergil 934
Has the Gülen Movement ever been convicted of a crime? Doğu Ergil 1026
Is the opposition of the East and the West or the so-called “clash of civilizations” a fantasy or a reality? Doğu Ergil 1021
Have Muslim societies succeed in coping with the challenges of globalization? If not, why? Doğu Ergil 1028
In order to transcend the inertia or, in Fethullah Gülen’s words “freeze,” that we are observing in the Islamic world, is Ijtihad appropriate? Doğu Ergil 828
Is the Islamic world unstable and backward because it forgot the humane, unifying essence of religion, and made religion subordinate to politics? Doğu Ergil 830
What is the reason which leaves the Israeli–Palestinian conflict at an impasse? What does Fethullah Gülen think should be done? Doğu Ergil 965
How do you see the integration with European Union? Doğu Ergil 1034
Will the political differences between the U.S. and Europe lead to fracture between these two powers? Does Fethullah Gülen believe they can reconcile their differences? Doğu Ergil 770
Is the anti-Americanism prevalent in Turkey and throughout the world directed against the American public or the government? Doğu Ergil 898
What is Fethullah Gülen’s view on the “Greater Middle East Project?” Is this project feasible to implement or have the developments in Iraq forced the project to be shelved for now? Doğu Ergil 1173
What is the view of the Gülen Movement about the concept of an “Islamic state”? Could there be such a state? Doğu Ergil 1072
Is there currently a political agenda of the Gülen Movement? Has there ever been? Doğu Ergil 802
Does Fethullah Gülen prefer a particular political movement or political party? What is the relationship of the movement with politics? Doğu Ergil 800
Can religion and politics have common goals, work together and overlap? Doğu Ergil 935
Should religion enter every field of societal life? Doğu Ergil 999
What is Fethullah Gülen’s view of the market economy? Where would he place the state and private enterprise in the economy? Doğu Ergil 1403
What is his view on projects such as “Islamic Common Market” or “Union of Muslim Countries”? Doğu Ergil 1020
How does Fethullah Gülen see the “individual”? To what extent should the individual have freedom vis-à-vis the state and religion? Doğu Ergil 1226
What is his perspective on the environment and natural living? Doğu Ergil 1190
Does Fethullah Gülen value art? Doğu Ergil 946
Does he encourage his followers to take an interest in art? Is he interested in any forms of art? Doğu Ergil 969
What is his concept of culture? What are the sources of Turkish cultural heritage? Doğu Ergil 918