About Fethullah Gülen and the Gülen Movement

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What did Fethullah Gülen mean in saying that the true goal of nations must be civilization? fgulen.com 4955
What does Gülen believe to be the main problem in the world? fgulen.com 4260
What questions does the Gülen Movement answer for participants? fgulen.com 3924
The Gülen Movement has significant effects on society so is it not conducting political action, even if it is not party political? fgulen.com 2914
Do service-networks in the Gülen Movement ever select short-term projects? fgulen.com 3785
If two prospective projects are in the same social field (e.g. health, education, etc.), how do participants choose one project over the other? fgulen.com 2707
If participants' control of authority and resources is limited in the Gülen Movement, how do individuals manage to carry out their duties? fgulen.com 3188
Are the resources of the Gülen Movement allocated among the SMOs by a central authority? fgulen.com 3656
What facilitated the institutionalization of SMOs in the Gülen Movement? fgulen.com 4292
Why is the institutionalization of the Gülen Movement beneficial to wider society? fgulen.com 3646
How do the service networks of the Gülen Movement diffuse themes and experience, and organize circulation of volunteers? fgulen.com 13505
Is the Gülen Movement marginal in any way? fgulen.com 4375
How are the different parts of the Gülen Movement connected? fgulen.com 4165
Why is the institutionalization of the Gülen Movement significant? fgulen.com 3522
What can be learned from the institutionalization of the Gülen Movement? fgulen.com 3350
Why do Gülen Movement participants set up institutions? fgulen.com 4145
What is required of those who hold administrative positions in the SMOs? What is required of other participants? fgulen.com 2210
Does being in an administrative position provide extra, exclusive privileges? fgulen.com 4344
How is the division of labor arranged in institutions and service networks of the Gülen Movement? fgulen.com 14042
Is there any competition between participants, projects and institutions in the Gülen Movement? fgulen.com 4765
Why have some voices in Turkey objected to Fethullah Gülen’s interfaith dialogue activities? fgulen.com 3782
What was the “West Working Group” and why did it target the Gülen Movement? fgulen.com 3754
Why is the Gülen Movement seen as a successful social movement? fgulen.com 3687
How does the Gülen Movement gain support and from whom? fgulen.com 3766
Where does the strength of the Gülen Movement come from? fgulen.com 8539