About Fethullah Gülen and the Gülen Movement

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What accounts for the efficacy of the Gülen Movement as a collective actor? fgulen.com 3823
How is the use of participants’ skills maximized? fgulen.com 2465
What makes the SMOs leading institutions in their field inside and outside of Turkey? fgulen.com 3013
What makes decision taking efficient in the Gülen Movement? fgulen.com 3748
How do the participants become so committed to the Gülen Movement? fgulen.com 3732
Where does the strength or efficacy of the service networks come from? fgulen.com 3697
How successful is the Gülen Movement in convincing people to make philanthropic contributions? fgulen.com 3593
What does participation yield for participants? fgulen.com 3143
How are seemingly insignificant and local forms of action able to exert influence far beyond their actual size and local effect? fgulen.com 2750
What are the sources of the beliefs and values of the Gülen Movement? fgulen.com 5326
How does the Gülen Movement learn and develop? fgulen.com 3790
How does the Gülen Movement enable people to become reflexive and beneficial to others? fgulen.com 3168
Does the Gülen Movement have an umbrella organization to co-ordinate a coalition of various institutions? fgulen.com 3901
What is “reflexivity” exactly and why is the Gülen Movement described as “reflexive”? fgulen.com 3942
How does the Gülen Movement establish continuity between the individual and collectivity? fgulen.com 4113
How and to whom are the Gülen-inspired institutions accountable? fgulen.com 3960
Are the Gülen-inspired institutions and SMOs centralized? fgulen.com 3904
Are the Gülen-inspired SMOs or services paid services for member-clients? fgulen.com 3753
How is continuity achieved in the Gülen Movement? fgulen.com 6428
How is diffusion facilitated in the Gülen Movement? fgulen.com 6196
How can the SMOs of the Gülen Movement be categorized? fgulen.com 3904
What is a Social Movement Organization? fgulen.com 2921
Do Fethullah Gülen and the Movement oppose secularism? fgulen.com 3979
Have the platforms brought any significant developments or changes in the public space? fgulen.com 4031
How successful were Fethullah Gülen and the JWF platforms in bringing people from different backgrounds together? fgulen.com 4074