About Fethullah Gülen and the Gülen Movement

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Isn’t the Gülen Movement antagonistic in character? fgulen.com 7776
Is the Gülen Movement a claimant movement? fgulen.com 4378
Is the Gülen Movement conflictual? Does it breach any limits or laws? fgulen.com 4112
What is Fethullah Gülen’s attitude to conflictual action? fgulen.com 5587
Is Fethullah Gülen a revolutionary? fgulen.com 19426
How does the Gülen Movement deal with new information and change in general? fgulen.com 4169
What saves the Gülen Movement from turning into an authoritarian, totalizing organization? fgulen.com 3314
Does the Gülen Movement deny diversity and interdependence? fgulen.com 3709
Has Fethullah Gülen led anyone into deviations of any sort? fgulen.com 3870
Does the Gülen Movement produce unpredictable forms or expressions of collective action? fgulen.com 3799
Does the Gülen Movement activate negative or destructive processes? Fethullah Gülen 3671
Is Gülen developing a separate or special group? fgulen.com 3749
Is the worldview or collective action of the Gülen Movement an isolationist withdrawal into a pure community-based structure? fgulen.com 3599
Do Gülen Movement participants draw back into the group and break off relations with others? fgulen.com 3656
Why do some Turkish critics of the Gülen Movement describe it as a sect? Fethullah Gülen 2068
Why are the Gülen Movement participants sometimes perceived as stealthy or cautious in interaction with others? fgulen.com 3476
Does the Gülen Movement have any private, exclusive, sacred texts, rituals and priestly functions, or special costumes? fgulen.com 3342
Does participation in service-networks encourage or enable individuals to challenge the law? Fethullah Gülen 1858
Is the Gülen Movement a Sufi tariqa? fgulen.com 4685
Is membership of the Gülen Movement exclusive? fgulen.com 4022
How does the Gülen Movement respect differences between people? fgulen.com 4275
Is Gülen concealing his true intentions or hiding political intent? fgulen.com 3484
Does Hizmet engage in political rhetoric or partisan politics? fgulen.com 2049
How does the Gülen Movement differentiate between cultural and political action? fgulen.com 3902
What is the approach of the Gülen Movement to cultural activism? fgulen.com 3793