About Fethullah Gülen and the Gülen Movement

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If it is not through gaining control of the system or government, how does the Gülen Movement influence society? fgulen.com 3583
Do Fethullah Gülen and the Gülen Movement harbor aspirations to evolve into a political party or gain political power? fgulen.com 2124
Has the Gülen Movement ever formed an alliance with a political party? fgulen.com 3603
Does the Gülen Movement favor any political party or “wing” of politics? fgulen.com 3898
Does the Gülen Movement’s cultural understanding make it exclusivist? fgulen.com 3898
How does Fethullah Gülen see culture or the cultural dimension of society? fgulen.com 3831
If it is not concerned with economic and political matters, what does the Gülen Movement concern itself with? fgulen.com 3890
Why does Hizmet fall into the category of cultural or social actor rather than political actor? fgulen.com 4874
What is the difference between a political and a cultural mobilization? fgulen.com 2137
What is a mobilization and what kind of a mobilization is the Gülen Movement? fgulen.com 3747
Is Hizmet a political movement, action or actor? fgulen.com 1896
Are there likely to be any future conflicts over power, resource distribution or succession in Hizmet? fgulen.com 4039
If the Gülen Movement relies on and develops professional expertise, what exactly is Fethullah Gülen’s contribution to its work? fgulen.com 15469
How is leadership practiced in the local service-networks? fgulen.com 2810
How is power and authority sustained or regulated in the Gülen Movement? fgulen.com 3675
What is the general principle of decision taking in the Gülen Movement? fgulen.com 4010
What is the purpose of network leadership? fgulen.com 2656
Does the Gülen Movement break off relations with social partners in the wider public? fgulen.com 11928
Does the lack of conflictual activity in the Gülen Movement cause it to be passive? fgulen.com 3713
What are participants’ attitudes towards diversity and coexistence? fgulen.com 2406
Has the Gülen Movement produced any self-interested ruling cliques? fgulen.com 3790
Does Fethullah Gülen intervene directly in service networks or projects? fgulen.com 2106
If Fethullah Gülen refuses any charismatization and declines any authority over the Gülen Movement, what form exactly does his leadership take? fgulen.com 2115
What is Fethullah Gülen’s concept of leadership? fgulen.com 4138
Does Fethullah Gülen himself express willingness or desire for leadership? fgulen.com 2078