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Title Created Date Author
Train, equip and persecute? 22 January 2015 Ali H. Aslan, Today's Zaman
Parallel lies and deception in judiciary 20 January 2015 Abdullah Bozkurt, Today's Zaman
Anatomy of a conspiracy 19 January 2015 Bülent Keneş, Today's Zaman
Turkey's fight against terrorism: Targeting the Gülen Movement 15 January 2015 David L. Phillips, Huffington Post
If only you had told the whole story, Mr. Uzun 13 January 2015 Faruk Mercan, Bugün
The responsibility of the Hizmet Movement 13 January 2015 Özgür Koca, Today's Zaman
Can resurrecting the caliphate solve Muslims’ problems? 13 January 2015 Aydoğan Vatandaş, Today's Zaman
Hate speech creates new opportunities for Hizmet Movement 12 January 2015 Mahmut Akpınar, Today's Zaman
What is wrong with the ‘Muslim’ world? 10 January 2015 İhsan Yılmaz, Today's Zaman
Hate speech and its impact on the Gülen Movement 08 January 2015 Mahmut Akpınar, Today's Zaman
The Norton Anthology of World Religions: Volume II 06 January 2015 Karen Armstrong, The New York Times
Civil society will not bow 05 January 2015 Şahin Alpay, Today's Zaman
A declaration of treason is imminent 03 January 2015 Abdülhamit Bilici, Today's Zaman
What should we expect from 2015? 03 January 2015 Emre Uslu, Today's Zaman
Turkey’s witch hunt against the media 02 January 2015 Ekrem Dumanlı, The Washington Post
Our vase broke 30 December 2014 Ali Bulaç, Today's Zaman
Extradition not so easy 26 December 2014 Günal Kurşun, Today's Zaman
Erdoğan’s judges and extraditing Fethullah Gülen 25 December 2014 İhsan Yılmaz, Today's Zaman
Al-Qaeda/Tahşiye and eclipse of reason 24 December 2014 Erhan Başyurt, Bugün
The case of jailed journalist Hidayet Karaca 23 December 2014 Abdullah Bozkurt, Today's Zaman
Pro-government media vindicates ISIL member 23 December 2014 Emre Uslu, Today's Zaman
Accusing the Hizmet Movement of terror while backing al-Qaeda linked groups 22 December 2014 Erhan Başyurt, Bugün
Red notice for Fethullah Gülen would allow world to learn of Turkey’s judicial disgrace 22 December 2014 Ahmet Gündel, Today's Zaman
Who is Fethullah Gülen? 22 December 2014 Şahin Alpay, Today's Zaman
Who is a terrorist? 22 December 2014 Ekrem Dumanlı, Today's Zaman