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Schoolgirls kidnapped in Nigeria! 01 May 2017 Sophia Pandya 255
Interview with Paul Weller 01 May 2017 Ismail Tavaci 308
Inside Turkey's purge 13 April 2017 Suzy Hansen 934
UK Parliament: No evidence that Gülen, movement behind coup attempt 24 March 2017 Turkish Minute 1646
Ex-CIA Director: Mike Flynn and Turkish officials discussed removal of Fethullah Gulen from U.S. 24 March 2017 WSJ 1438
Fethullah Gulen not behind failed Turkey coup 19 March 2017 Agence France-Presse 1000
German spy agency chief says does not believe Fethullah Gulen behind Turkey coup attempt 19 March 2017 Reuters 1089
How Erdoğan’s ruthless drive for more power is shaking a divided Europe 19 March 2017 Simon Tisdall 1115
US House Intel Chair says ‘hard to believe’ Fethullah Gulen behind Turkey coup 20 March 2017 The Globe Post 1178
Fethullah Gulen not behind failed Turkey coup: Germany 20 March 2017 The Nation 1293
No evidence exiled Turkish cleric Gulen behind anti-Erdogan coup – German intel 20 March 2017 RT 1389
German intelligence head: We are not convinced Fethullah Gülen is behind coup attempt 18 March 2017 Turkish Minute 1328
Turkey’s plan to ‘camouflage’ its lobbying activities in the US 16 March 2017 Chuck Ross 1056
Is Turkey still a democracy? 14 March 2017 David Kenner 1215
Michael Flynn was paid to represent Turkey’s interests during Trump campaign 10 March 2017 PETER BAKER and MATTHEW ROSENBERG 1359
Turkey's coup: the Gülen Movement, explained 16 July 2016 Dylan Matthews, 1138
Disgraced Trump adviser Mike Flynn admits he worked as a “foreign agent” for the Turkish government 09 March 2017 Jennifer Williams, 1425
NATO insiders suspect Turkey coup was staged 03 March 2017 Erik Kindel, Opposing Views 409
Fethullah Gulen has 'no intention of leaving the US' 02 March 2017 Deutsche Presse-Agentur 442
Erdogan 'exploited' Turkish coup to carry out pre-planned purges - EU Intel 18 January 2017 Sputnik 2267
Laila Muhammad: “We have to move forward, collectively” 25 February 2017 Hakan Yesilova 1520
‘Planned opposition purge’ by Erdogan was catalyst for Turkey’s military coup, spies say 18 January 2017 Bethan McKernan, The Independent 2375
'Freedom' for Turkish cleric Gulen at Pennsylvania hide-out 03 January 2017 trwi 2713
Fethullah Gulen, U.S.-based cleric, rejects links to Russian envoy’s killing 23 December 2016 The Washington Times 4585
Group encompassing al-Nusra reportedly claims responsibility for Russian envoy murder 21 December 2016 Turkish Minute 2673