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Fethullah Gülen seeks to dismiss US lawsuit, says it is ‘pure political theater’ 05 February 2016 Today's Zaman 1735
Mystery surrounds Muslim cleric in US mountain compound 02 February 2016 Michael Rubinkam & Julie Carr Smyth, 2706
HRW report: No evidence to accuse Gülen movement of terrorism 27 January 2016 Today's Zaman 3921
‘Hizmet’s solution against radicalism should be announced to world’ 26 January 2016 Today's Zaman 1437
French editor says Fethullah Gülen’s messages on anti-terrorism revolutionary 04 January 2016 Today's Zaman 2721
Al-Azhar professor: Fethullah Gülen courageously resists radicalism 01 January 2016 Today's Zaman 2206
Lawyer says Fethullah Gülen ready to testify as part of Tahşiyeciler case 25 December 2015 1464
Intellectuals from West, East agree Gülen movement works for a better world 20 December 2015 Today's Zaman 989
Muslims, we have to critically review our understanding of Islam 17 December 2015 2402
What’s been done to Yıldırım is tyranny, retired mufti says 15 December 2015 Today's Zaman 1310
Lawyers highlight attempt to pin unsolved murders on Fethullah Gülen 12 December 2015 Today's Zaman 1444
Law firms press charges against Fethullah Gülen in favor of al-Qaeda-linked group 11 December 2015 Today's Zaman 1420
‘Removal of Fethullah Gülen’s books from NT shelves offends the public’ 05 December 2015 Today's Zaman 1556
‘Removal of Fethullah Gülen’s books from NT shelves a shame for Turkey’ 02 December 2015 Today's Zaman 1494
CHP deputy calls trustee’s order to remove Fethullah Gülen’s books from shelves ‘primitive’ 01 December 2015 Today's Zaman 1810
Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen offers condolences for Tahir Elçi, slain police officers 29 November 2015 Fethullah Gülen 1641
ALDE’s Watson says illiberal state leads to unjust action against Fethullah Gülen followers 26 November 2015 Today's Zaman 1217
African Union Commission chair supports creation of more Turkish schools 26 November 2015 Today's Zaman 1746
Gülen movement can serve as bridge between Islamic and secular nations, intellectuals agree 24 November 2015 Today's Zaman 1456
Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen of Saylorsburg condemns Paris attacks 20 November 2015 2289
Arrest warrant for Fethullah Gülen politically motivated, lawyer says 18 November 2015 Today's Zaman 1541
GYV contributes to correct perception of Islam 17 November 2015 Today's Zaman 1697
Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen condemns Paris attacks in strongest terms 14 November 2015 5146
Gov’t hate speech against Hizmet condemned 14 November 2015 Today's Zaman 1349
Gov’t steps up campaign against Hizmet via terrorism accusations 14 November 2015 Today's Zaman 1352