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US Professor Carter: Fethullah Gülen struggles for peace against poverty and terrorism 02 November 2015 Today's Zaman
Well-known sociologist says Fethullah Gülen’s name on terrorist list ’alarming’ 05 November 2015 Today's Zaman
Defamation campaign against Fethullah Gülen draws heavy criticism 02 November 2015 Today's Zaman
Ministry under fire for listing Fethullah Gülen among most dangerous terrorists 30 October 2015 Today's Zaman
Report reveals repercussions of AK Party fight against Gülen movement in Africa 23 October 2015 Today's Zaman
Kimse Yok Mu to attend Global Consultation ahead of World Humanitarian Summit 15 October 2015 Today's Zaman
GYV holds reception for attendees of 70th UN General Assembly 02 October 2015 Today's Zaman
Indictment ready against Fethullah Gülen officers who oversaw graft probe 02 October 2015
More than 60 countries attend panel organized by GYV at UN 01 October 2015 Today's Zaman
Lawyer: Indictment against Fethullah Gülen based on unproven accusations 01 October 2015 Today's Zaman
Exiled Turkish opposition releases scathing report on human rights under Erdoğan 30 September 2015 Newsweek
British lawyers warn of human rights violations in Turkey 29 September 2015 The Guardian
African Union Commission chair receives Gülen peace award 12 September 2015 Today's Zaman
Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen offers condolences for those killed in Dağlıca attack 09 September 2015 Today's Zaman
Fethullah Gülen’s lawyer issues written warning to pro-gov’t media outlets 05 September 2015 Today's Zaman
Fethullah Gülen urges Muslims to denounce terrorism, promote human rights, education 28 August 2015 Today's Zaman
Gülen extends condolences over terrorist attack in Suruç 23 July 2015 Today's Zaman
GYV highlights ‘Turkish dream’ at its traditional iftar 09 July 2015 Today's Zaman
Police department's terror report is shameful, says Professor Özgenç 04 July 2015 Today's Zaman
Court denies Fethullah Gülen’s compensation cases against President Erdoğan 02 July 2015 Today's Zaman
Kimse Yok Mu helps 2 mln people across the world during Ramadan 28 June 2015 Today's Zaman
Turkish educator says Demirel stood with Turkish schools abroad 20 June 2015 Today's Zaman
Ex-President Demirel known for his support of Turkish schools abroad 18 June 2015 Today's Zaman
Kimse Yok Mu continues to help needy despite gov’t restrictions 18 June 2015 Today's Zaman
Australian PM praises int’l language festival’s contribution to peace 09 June 2015 Today's Zaman