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Turkish school opens in Northern Iraq, more schools in demand 02 January 2012 Cihan News
Gülen extends condolences to families of deadly airstrike victims 02 January 2012 Today’s Zaman
Mastering knowledge in modern times: Fethullah Gülen as an Islamic scholar 02 January 2012
Gülen: PKK employing tactics similar to those of Feb. 28 10 January 2012 Today’s Zaman
New book examines efforts to link Gülen to every probe 25 January 2012 Today’s Zaman
Gülen's latest book launch celebrated at İstanbul forum 26 January 2012 Today’s Zaman
US law professor has no doubt Gülen trial in Turkey was political 05 February 2012 Sunday’s Zaman
Ilicak: Gülen Movement has been used to undermine Ergenekon trial 06 February 2012 Today’s Zaman
Columnist says judiciary has evidence against MİT members 16 February 2012 Today’s Zaman
The Gülen Movement teaches providing service and being tolerant 25 February 2012 Shad Engkilterra,
Lawyer changes remarks on Gülen Movement in connection with murder of Hrant Dink 28 February 2012 Today’s Zaman
New Yorker Magazine’s article raises questions about its journalistic objectivity and impartiality 07 March 2012
Gülen denies ‘groundless’ Stratfor claims of pressure on AK Party 09 March 2012 Today’s Zaman
Abant tackles contentious issue of drafting new constitution 10 March 2012 Today's Zaman
‘New charter should have no barriers to mother tongue education’ 12 March 2012 Today’s Zaman
Students from 135 countries to join Turkish Olympiads this year 12 March 2012 Today’s Zaman
Gülen expresses condolences for Turkish soldiers killed in Afghanistan 20 March 2012 Today's Zaman
‘Biggest obstacle of Muslim world: disconnect between thought and action’ 25 March 2012 Sunday's Zaman
Gülen says he supports broader enforcement of press freedoms 27 March 2012 Today’s Zaman
Orhan Erdemli commented on Fethullah Gülen’s remarks 27 March 2012
GYV: Hizmet civilian movement, has no political ambitions 06 April 2012 Today’s Zaman
Patriarch Bartholomew praises Fethullah Gülen's dialogue efforts 11 April 2012 Today’s Zaman
Gülen undergoes successful cataract surgery 11 April 2012 Today’s Zaman
With faith and hope, Turkey builds a new identity 12 April 2012 John Kass, Chicago Tribune
Malaysia seminar on educational development underscores need for Gülen Movement 18 April 2012 Today’s Zaman