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Mozambican president: I will continue to support Turkish schools 06 June 2015 Today's Zaman 1240
Hizmet’s role in global peace, interfaith dialogue highlighted in African conference 05 June 2015 1537
IFLC’s ‘colors of the world’ welcomed at European Parliament 05 June 2015 Today's Zaman 1524
Filipino student wins prestigious Turkish Olympiad song contest 26 May 2015 Today's Zaman 1450
Fethullah Gülen to launch legal action against pro-gov’t Star over libel 23 May 2015 Today's Zaman 1537
Bruised by lavish palace, Erdoğan pictures fake Fethullah Gülen compound 20 May 2015 Today's Zaman 1632
Albanian president to Erdoğan: Turkish schools pose no threat 20 May 2015 Today's Zaman 1447
Albanian parliament speaker visits Turkish school after Erdoğan calls for its closure 18 May 2015 Today's Zaman 1213
Fethullah Gülen condemns those behind campaign 14 May 2015 1771
Fethullah Gülen’s lawyer: Pro-gov’t columnist’s claims on religious directorate ‘disgusting scenario’ 14 May 2015 Today's Zaman 1392
Turkish charity Kimse Yok Mu opens two orphanages in Burundi 07 May 2015 Today's Zaman 1482
Former President Gül to PM Davutoğlu: My mind is also clear regarding Fethullah Gülen visit 06 May 2015 Today's Zaman 1331
Philippine army awards Kimse Yok Mu for aid and contribution to peace 05 May 2015 Today's Zaman 1425
Davutoğlu, ex-president Gül spar over visit to Fethullah Gülen 04 May 2015 Today's Zaman 1290
Fethullah Gülen’s lawyers: PM’s only correct statement is that he visited Gülen 02 May 2015 Today's Zaman 1483
Int’l students delight Washington in language festival 30 April 2015 Today's Zaman 1213
Nepalese surprised at Turkish teachers staying to help after earthquake 30 April 2015 Today's Zaman 1124
Fethullah Gülen’s lawyers file civil suit and criminal complaints against Prime Minister Davutoğlu 28 April 2015 Today's Zaman 1179
Independent deputy says there may be an attempt to pin political murders on the Gülen movement 25 April 2015 Today's Zaman 1223
Palestinian woman denied visa to Turkey for treatment, says Kimse Yok Mu official 22 April 2015 Today's Zaman 1512
Russian scholar: Fethullah Gülen promotes peaceful education for a world mired in conflict 22 April 2015 Today's Zaman 1807
Strong criticism continues of terrorism probe against Kimse Yok Mu 21 April 2015 Today's Zaman 1354
Whistleblower says gov’t preparing to close down Gülen-inspired schools 21 April 2015 Today's Zaman 1414
Afghan education minister: Turkish schools are model for private schools 21 April 2015 Today's Zaman 1323
Fethullah Gülen's lawyer sues prosecutor for defamation 18 April 2015 Today's Zaman 1368