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Disgraced Trump adviser Mike Flynn admits he worked as a “foreign agent” for the Turkish government 09 March 2017 Jennifer Williams, 1577
NATO insiders suspect Turkey coup was staged 03 March 2017 Erik Kindel, Opposing Views 493
Fethullah Gulen has 'no intention of leaving the US' 02 March 2017 Deutsche Presse-Agentur 523
Erdogan 'exploited' Turkish coup to carry out pre-planned purges - EU Intel 18 January 2017 Sputnik 2371
Laila Muhammad: “We have to move forward, collectively” 25 February 2017 Hakan Yesilova 1625
‘Planned opposition purge’ by Erdogan was catalyst for Turkey’s military coup, spies say 18 January 2017 Bethan McKernan, The Independent 2472
'Freedom' for Turkish cleric Gulen at Pennsylvania hide-out 03 January 2017 trwi 2835
Fethullah Gulen, U.S.-based cleric, rejects links to Russian envoy’s killing 23 December 2016 The Washington Times 5018
Group encompassing al-Nusra reportedly claims responsibility for Russian envoy murder 21 December 2016 Turkish Minute 2817
Turkey crackdown: Deep unease in Fethullah Gulen’s home village 14 November 2016 The Irish Times, Stephen Starr 5768
Interview: U.S. Judge says Turkey's judiciary 'taken over' by Erdogan 27 October 2016 Abbas Djavadi, Radio Free Europe 5234
Fethullah Gülen dismisses accusations of a second coup 03 October 2016 Turkish Minute 736
Is Erdogan right to worry about the Gulen movement? 29 September 2016 Alan MacKenzie, Deutsche Welle 4883
Fethullah Gulen says certain Erdogan behind failed Turkey coup 29 September 2016 Reuters 5379
Turkey's post-coup crackdown hits 'Gulen schools' worldwide 23 September 2016 BBC News 836
Fethullah Gulen urges Europe act to stop 'catastrophe' in Turkey 23 September 2016 Reuters 5163
Turkey’s battle with Muslim Cleric careens through U.S. classrooms 22 September 2016 The Wall Street Journal 3878
Turks see purge as witch hunt of ‘medieval’ darkness 16 September 2016 The New York Times 5107
As Turkey seeks Fethullah Gulen's extradition, how will the US respond? 16 September 2016 Sam Ball, France 24 4394
‘Enough is enough': Exiled cleric Gulen denounces Turkish purge of his supporters 16 September 2016 Kareem Fahim, The Washington Post 4939
Fethullah Gulen addresses a foreign policy council 15 September 2016 AP 550
Turkish cleric, accused in coup plot, calls crackdown ‘dark pages’ in history 15 September 2016 Rick Gladstone, The New York Times 5039
Fethullah Gülen: ‘I don’t have any regrets’ 09 September 2016 Nahal Toosi, Politico 4528
Charges against Fethullah Gülen not credible 15 September 2016 Turkish Minute 6981
Washington unlikely to extradite Fethullah Gulen to Turkey: Mark Katz 29 August 2016 Fateme Mohammadipour, The Tehran Times 5320