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Biden seeks to reassure Turkey over alleged coup plotter 24 August 2016 Julian Hattem, The Hill 4638
Turkey's gripe with cleric Gulen doesn't 'warrant extradition' without evidence 29 August 2016 Sputnik 5272
Biden met by snubs as he seeks to mollify Turkey’s angry Erdogan 24 August 2016 Alex Wayne and Justin Sink 4569
Will Egypt Offer Asylum to Gulen? 24 August 2016 Amr Eltohamy, Al-Monitor 4487
Boston Globe calls on US administration not to extradite Gülen 21 August 2016 570
Turkish evidence for Gulen extradition pre-dates coup attempt 19 August 2016 Karen DeYoung, Washington Post 4085
Erdogan fans boycott Gulen-friendly shops in Germany 11 August 2016 Deutsche Welle 793
Erdogan Says Informing on Gulen Supporters ‘Patriotic Duty’ 10 August 2016 AP/New York Times 510
Gulen lawyers reject calls for extradition 05 August 2016 David Lynch, Financial Times 551
Turkey Offers Only Bluster in Extradition Bid, Gulen Lawyers Say 05 August 2016 Chris Strohm, 462
US-based cleric Gulen slams Turkey judicial system over arrest warrant 05 August 2016 Times Live 463
U.S. Not Persuaded to Extradite Imam Over Turkey Coup 04 August 2016 Devlin Barrett, Wall Street Journal 479
Fethullah Gülen's lawyers fear attacks on his life amid calls for return to Turkey 06 August 2016 Megan Carpentier, The Guardian 825
Turkey issues arrest warrant for US-based Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen over attempted coup 04 August 2016 Turkish Minute 511
Fethullah Gulen on 'GPS': Failed Turkey coup looked 'like a Hollywood movie' 31 July 2016 Ray Sanchez, CNNUpdated 2524
Fethullah Gülen: «President Erdogan is suffering from power poisoning» 29 July 2016 Viviana Mazza, Corriere Della Serra 628
RT visits Erdogan’s self-exiled arch-nemesis Fethullah Gulen at his US estate 29 July 2016 675
'Possible that Erdogan engineered coup,' former Pentagon official tells ‘Post’ 25 July 2016 The Jerusalem Post 3041
Interview: Professor Greg Barton, counter terrorism expert with Deakin University 23 July 2016 ABC 3065
Fethullah Gülen's statement on Turkey’s extradition request 21 July 2016 3064
Interview: Reclusive Turkish cleric condemns coup attempt, denies involvement 20 July 2016 Oren Dorell, USA TODAY 2476
Obama and Erdogan discussed Fethullah Gulen’s status 19 July 2016 Bloomberg 10667
US State Dept spox: Gülen to our knowledge living peacefully in Pennsylvania 19 July 2016 1031
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher says Gülen should not be extradited 19 July 2016 Turkish Minute 2244
Statement from US Ambassador Bass regarding the latest events in Turkey 18 July 2016 US Embassy Ankara 2084