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Mass Arrests, Website Shutdowns Raise Grave Concerns 18 July 2016 Human Rights Watch
Secretary of State John Kerry: Not allegations, but evidence 17 July 2016 ABC News
Public Enemy No. 1: A Visit with Fethullah Gülen, Erdogan's Chief Adversary 18 July 2016 Der Spiegel
Fethullah Gulen: A coup architect or a scapegoat? 17 July 2016 CNN
Fethullah Gülen: Turkey coup may have been 'staged' by Erdoğan regime 17 July 2016 The Guardian
Fethullah Gulen on democracy: 22 years ago and now 17 July 2016
An Exiled Cleric Denies Playing a Leading Role in Coup Attempt 16 July 2016 Stephanie Sauljuly, New York Times
Statement by Alliance for Shared Values on Developments in Turkey 16 July 2016
U.S. court dismisses case against Turkish opponent of Erdogan 02 July 2016 Reuters
Turkish government lawyer: US cleric had 'unlawful conduct' 02 July 2016 The Philadelphia Inquirer
U.S. Judge Tosses Suit Against Turkish Imam Fethullah Gülen 02 July 2016 The Wall Street Journal
Fethullah Gülen lawsuit thrown out in setback for Turkey's Erdoğan 30 June 2016 The Guardian
US judge tosses suit against reclusive cleric 30 June 2016 AP News
US Rep. Scott: Gülen movement cannot be designated as “terrorist organization” 13 June 2016 Turkish Minute
Renowned Turkish Scholar Fethullah Gülen Honors Ali’s Legacy 12 June 2016 Alliance for Shared Values
Fethullah Gülen, moderate cleric, vilified in Turkey 11 June 2016 The Huffington Post
EP’s Harms: Erdoğan ignores rule of law by putting Hizmet movement on list of ‘terrorist organizations’ 07 June 2016 Turkish Minute
EP’s ECR Group Chair Kamall expresses concern over Erdoğan’s declaring Gülen Movement ‘terrorist’ 07 June 2016 Turkish Minut
EU expresses concern over declaration of Gülen Movement as terrorist without due process 03 June 2016 Turkish Minute
United States: We do not consider Gülen Movement “terrorist organization” 02 June 2016 Turkish Minute
Politicians react against move to frame Gülen movement as “terrorist organization” 30 May 2016 Turkish Minute
Turkey’s top Muslim leader abhors terrorism 29 March 2016 Domini M. Torrevillas, The Philippine Star
Interview with Henri Barkey on the Hizmet Movement 10 March 2016
Fethullah Gülen’s lawyer: Views other than state ideology considered a crime in Turkey 13 February 2016 Today's Zaman
Lawyers for Muslim cleric living in Saylorsburg want U.S. suit backed by Turkey tossed 08 February 2016 Michael Rubinkam, Associated Press