At no other period in history has the Muslim world witnessed this many oppressors

by Fethullah Gülen on . Posted in Videos on Fethullah Gülen

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Today, a Muslim's biggest worries ought to be the many troubles that the Muslim world is finding itself in. The Muslim world has indeed suffered from many troubles. And so has the rest of the world; consider the McCarthy case in America for example. And there have been numerous examples of McCarthys, all over the world. A Saddam here, a Gaddafi there and still there have been others who have stood against people whose only wish was to live Islam truly and to their hearts’ contentment.

These oppressors have interpreted Islam according to their own political views, stipulated Islam to be contingent on these views, and expected religion to be lived out accordingly. They have opposed anything they have perceived to be against their political views, their ambitions and goals regarding their future and prosperity; and they have done this causing the demise of thousands of other human beings.

In certain parts of the Muslim world, hundreds of thousands of people ... in fact, when considering the families who are tied to these hundreds of thousands of people, I believe, it would be more accurate to multiply these numbers by the hundreds and consequently, the number of people who are living in misery, breathing and aching in misery have reached millions.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) declared, "In the event that you find yourself forced into battle, do not harm or bother those who have taken refuge in places of worship, do not harm or bother the women or the children!" Nonetheless, in certain parts of the Muslim world, in certain Muslim countries, let alone paying heed to such prohibitions of the Prophet, even the philosophies of McCarthy, Saddam and Gaddafi were surpassed, and persecutions have been far more heartless and far more cruel, to the point where even sacred values such as Ramadan, sahur, tarawih, belief have gone unrecognized.

At no other period in history has the Muslim world witnessed this many oppressors and hypocrites.